Badar Ali Al-Salehi


Badar Ali Al-Salehi

Information Technology Authority - Oman

Director of Oman National CERT

Engineer Badar Ali Al-Salehi is Director at Oman National CERT, one of e-Oman’s national initiatives. The venture aims to address cyber security risks and build local cyber security capabilities and awareness amongst public and private sector organisations, critical national infrastructure and key industries as well as within the general public.

He joined the Information Technology Authority (ITA) during its initial establishment in 2006 and has since worked in different national information security and critical infrastructure related projects. Before joining ITA, he was the in charge of the IT operations at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Oman. Prior to that, he managed the network and information security at the Municipality of Muscat.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent, UK. He is also is a Certified Information Security Manager, Ethical Hacker, Microsoft System Engineer, Microsoft System Administrator and Microsoft Professional.

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