OCERT (Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team) was established to face cyber security challenges and to serve as the trusted focal point of contact for any ICT security incident in the sultanate, focusing on cyber safety and security and to serve all information technology users in Oman, whether from the government sector or private sector or individuals. Also, the Team aims to develop information security strategies and polices designed to benefit governmental and private bodies, as well as draft technical recommendations and technical reports, which will help network administrators, systems, and applications in government and private institutions, as well as individuals. One of the main objectives of OCERT is to support and prepare trained personnel for work in information security in the different bodies and institutions.

We believe that information security is everyone’s responsibility and therefore we take this opportunity to connect and communicate with you online through this website. We wish for everyone to work together with us on matters of common interest, so that together we can effectively enhance information security, in order to support the process of the renaissance and the progress taking place in our country in the various fields and levels.