Sekimia to participate at Cyber Defence Summit as Bronze Sponsor

Sekimia will be participating as a Bronze sponsor for Cyber Defence Summit being held in Muscat, Oman.

About Sekimia: 

Sekimia was founded in 2008 in the sole aim of allowing information security and business continuity practitioners to Speak Security in the Language of Business.

As in any language, the Vocabulary (Sekimia V1.X), the Grammar (Sekimia’s Mindset) and the Pronunciation (Sekimia’s e-coaching) matter.

We at Sekimia believe that Business Process Management is a mandatory bridge towards information security and business continuity. It is a splendid opportunity to provide common goals and to bring people from many sectors and levels of the organization into a positive collaboration. BPM is the corner stone for efficient information security and business continuity governance schemes.


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